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This is not the beginning, it’s where I’ve chosen for you to start. It is not the root of the tree, but the fork, where my life diverged from the path I had selected to that point. In time, you will learn of “before,” so that you can understand “during” and “after.”

You can remember some things perfectly clearly. The tone of voice is absolutely pristine, saying more than the words themselves. During the moment, learning you’re breaking up with someone is tough enough. You think of the time you spent together, instances you could have seen it coming–or trusted your instincts to get out–and how a foreseeable future with someone you really cared about vanished into thin air.

You are faced with a difficult change. You know something just isn’t right. You decide to look within and grow.

I have been on a long path of self-examination for nearly three years now, beginning when I opened my mind to meditation after reading No Time To Lose by Pema Chodron just weeks before I closed my business with bankruptcy looming. Closing my eyes and focusing on my breath as it passed through my nostrils was the only way I could calm my brain enough to sleep. (In retrospect, it helped me handle the destruction of all I’d worked for with calm “professionalism,” as an acquaintance wrote.)

When that breakup occurred, I chose to push further. I decided to search for the answers to my questions, seek the truth about myself and move forward. What I thought required a few tweaks instead generated a true me, built from the ground up.

Just how far down does the rabbit hole go? MeBuilding tells you what I’ve found and how.


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