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You give everything weight. Every experience, every possession, every relationship has a certain mass in your life, ultimately chosen by you. Each piece of material, whether physical or psychological, is given a value based on significance and emotional impact. The birth of your children and your first kiss tip the scales more than some order you placed at Starbucks or being cut off on the highway, yet all of them have a designated place and load.

Day by day, mostly without making a conscious decision, you accumulate this stuff.

Very slowly, I began asking myself questions. It is unlikely any of us will ever fully discard our past, barring severe retrograde amnesia, and it’s debatable how beneficial it could be (regardless of how appealing the thought). Without my past, I’d be unable to look back over the peaks and valleys of my life to see how far I’d come.

Realizing I would always carry these things, I decided to make them lose weight.

I wrote letters. Ex-girlfriends, ex-bosses, any situation which I gave undue negative emotional importance got a note of some kind. I explained how I felt and why, then acknowledged my responsibility (no matter how little) in allowing these things to affect me and expressed forgiveness as I released these “excess pounds.”

It was liberating to finally unpin and throw the grenades bouncing around my head and let the explosions create acceptance of unchangeable past…and shape the foundation for glorious future.

Standing quietly in the photo gallery of my mind, I looked around the room for connections between the images and the present day. This is where the inquisition gained momentum. “How does this snapshot relate to that older one?” Each “breakthrough” was, in actuality, the next nesting doll which had to be opened to reveal an event further back.

This process of “personal archaeology”* was necessary to determine how I got where I am and what’s useful for the future. “Temet nosce,” as the Oracle says. By figuring out which experiences unconsciously shaped my values, I am exchanging noxious for valuable and buttressing the helpful.

This is a solid base for growth…and the point from where MeBuilding will move forward.

Uncovering The Foundation

*Copyright 2010. (I’m half joking. I like the phrase a lot.)
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