Rewrite Your Code

Binary CodeThe immutable power of your life is choice.

From second to second, you are selecting one option from another. More often than not, this based on your operating system. Your brain’s Windows 7 (or OS X, for you Mac users) handles a large percentage–some say 96%–of your daily operations.

Built up over years, your “neurological software” filters information to limit your brain’s conscious awareness to a handful of items.

On your computer, the updates you receive from Microsoft or Apple are the culmination of months of work. A problem is identified, then several fixes are attempted by rewriting line after line of code until the best solution is agreed upon. This correction is usually made with a quick download (and occasionally a restart), so the process of change is largely hidden from you. The hours and hours of typing and testing, then retyping and retesting done by a team of well-trained and experienced individuals saves you the effort.

Not so when it comes to your life.

If you’ve spent your life taking insults to heart and ignoring praise based on the source–or even your own valuation of your quality or worthiness–you’ve made a decision. Granted, in our youth, our parents and guardians have a large influence on our minds and things were shaped without our conscious control.

You’re an adult now.

Exercise your right to choose what you internalize and pursue, what you accept and discard. You may have to update your software and evaluate all the commands deep in your brain. It’s necessary. Shifting line after line of these calculations will give you different results.

It’s necessary. Do the work. Take the time.


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