The 3 Rules of Participation

You know, there’s always got to be some boundaries. My intent is to chronicle the ongoing process of rebuilding “me.” Certainly, this blog is about the steps I’m taking to my great life and I aim to provide you an honest, no-shit assessment (HNSA) of how it’s going.

In being the subject, I will share with you my passions (philosophy, science, history and music) and endeavor to always tie them together into the journey of getting my “self” back. I’ll lay out my ideas and feelings in their raw reality. I’ll admit to my failures so that you may avoid them. I’ll hammer the pulpit from time to time to inspire YouBuilding. My words will go a long way toward my assimilation of these learning experiences and, by allowing you to see the world the way I do, help you find hope and belief and strength in confusing hours.

Here are the rules:

1. Do your own thinking
I’m writing from my observations and beliefs. This is my truth. It is likely, encouraged and entirely acceptable for yours to be different. This is an “idea buffet.” Take what you like and ingest it.

2. Share your opinion
This must be a discussion. Everyone benefits from honest discourse and new perspectives. These are the hallmarks of understanding and adaptation.

3. Be respectful
Each pair of eyes has a different world view. Agreement is improbable, tolerance is paramount. This is a forum for truthful opinions and thoughtful debate; take your torches and pitchforks to another part of the internet.

Today, at a personal crossroads, I am launching MeBuilding to create a legacy built on more than a “near-life experience” and maybe, just maybe, build a new ethos on a bedrock of intelligence, culture and eloquence.

Ground rules


289 Words To Start

470 Words To Continue

363 Words To Finish


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