1 Way To Know You’ve Found Truth

There are crucial moments when you must embrace new information regardless of how nonsensical it seems.

The very enlivening of our souls is bent upon eschewing reason when passion necessitates it, stepping into the breach armed only with the sword of faith in a larger purpose that, in its grandness, is so ineffable as to be nearly irrational. These are the truths of which Aquinas writes, those which are felt instead of spoken and believed before they are seen.

And, that is how they save us.

The change can be instantaneous as a lightning bolt or progressive like the rising sun. Bubbling up from the seas of your subconscious, they animate your body and energize your mind. Your physical and mental postures change, bolstered by assured clarity and sharp focus.

Finally! THIS is my guiding idea, my central purpose! I am no longer lost!

At this moment, you are certainly saved. The aimless wandering has ended. Though there is much yet to be done, for the first time in a long time–maybe ever–a confident, determined calmness prevails. Gone are the questions and doubts and fears. You are at the point where “before” ends and “after” begins.

You are whole. You stride forward purposefully with a brain unburdened by misguided intentions and a heart swollen by gratitude.


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