Finding “How” After You’ve Got “What”

The phrase “the ‘how’ comes after ‘what'” is a hallmark of goal-setters.

The achievement of everything in history came after the target was placed. Though some paths are definite–say, six wins to a championship–we are often at a loss as to the steps between “here” and “there.”

Stepping into the unknown, armed only with a vision of the result, is the beginning of accomplishment.

Some would say getting the idea in your head is all you must do, that believing hard enough will get you to the desired destination. “Create the picture and it will appear.”

The “believe to receive” equation is incomplete.

Please understand, positive mindset is absolutely crucial to moving from an undesirable situation to an ideal one. Faith is important in the face of obstacles, but they must be cleared with movement. Go over, under, around or through the walls.

Take your “how.”

God will present you with every opportunity you could ask for…and more. Seize them.

There will be tons of little “hows” to be grabbed and utilized. Thousands and thousands of little miracles, unsung doors walked through instinctively lead to the grandest results.

Each uncertain stride gently prods the earth until it finds solid ground. Put your weight on it. Then begin pushing your toes around for the next foothold.

It’s all there.

We tend to think the new car, the big check or perfect mate be delivered at some future date. Once the “order” is placed, the package must arrive, right? We assume, like kids waiting for Christmas morning, our gift will show up under the tree with a big bow on it.

Instead, we’re given the means to our end…a little bit at a time. Small victories gained by inspired activity are the basis for larger glory.

Will you push it away because it’s different than you expected or snatch it with both hands and hold on tight?


African Proverb – “When you pray, move your feet.”

Believing In Possibility

The Power of Everything

I sat with a couple of friends from high school several weeks ago to guide them as they began their business plan. Starting a business is a daunting process and Suzy really struggled with the inherent uncertainty of the appropriate action–as I still do sometimes. To calm her nerves, I built them a multinational company–backwards.

I asked her to consider that, instead of attempting to predict every detail of each future sale and worrying if it would be correct, it could be more fruitful to ask questions of other people in business.


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