Average People Live Average Lives

I love educating people.

I’ve been a college professor since March 11th and have found a bit of a rhythm in front of the students. Apparently there’s some rumors floating around the small campus, as everyone I meet says “I’m hearing about you.”

One student continues to ask for cheat sheets on exams or looks for reasons class is more challenging in her situation. I’ll be honest, I’ve yet to really make a connection with them, but I’ll tell you this:

She’s terrified.

She listens to me talk for over seven hours per week, blazing through complex systems of the body in a couple hours…or less. When the class takes their first exam next Tuesday I’ll have covered more than half of the textbook…in three weeks. This is the definition of “accelerated program.”

It’s supposed to be hard.

Being in the health care field requires a lot of knowledge. The human body, with all its strange and lethal conditions, can shift at a moment’s notice from “recovering” to “dying.” Understanding all the signs and symptoms is a challenge, but it’s the price of helping keep people alive.

There’s a decision to be made.

Each student has chosen to enter (or re-enter) school and take on something new. They are availing themselves of an opportunity to grow beyond their past and I admire that deeply. Many are overcoming challenging home lives or rough neighborhoods.

There comes a time when you must choose to be a victor or a victim, where you can look at someone else and say “They have it easier” or stare in the mirror and commit to doing what it takes. You can lament the difficulty and tell yourself it’s always going to be like this or grasp possibility and build something amazing.

I heard a simple truth from a friend yesterday: “Average people live average lives.”

If you want to continue along the path of your parents and friends, that’s fine. If you want to be extraordinary, it’s going to take some effort to break the chains and elevate yourself.

It may take more work than you thought, but it must be done if you want to move up.


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