How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade.”
Rudyard Kipling

Temperate April air has broken Winter’s hold. Grass is greening up, flowers are in bloom and birds returning from warmer climes fill the Spring sky.

It’s time to clean the house and spruce up the yard.

Kipling reminds us all this requires work. Renewal ushered in by blossoming Spring occurs best when preceded by clearing debris left behind by the biting chill of the season before.

Growth always requires a purge.

It is impossible to progress when entangled in the weeds of your past. Just as ranchers set fires to the prairie to promote sprouting grasses, so must you burn your range of old thoughts to make way for new ones.

Beauty often arises after toil.

Central Park, the island of Manhattan’s luscious back yard, is a perfect example. Carved in the mid-1800s from swamps and pig farms between the bustle of New York City and a village called Harlem, the 1.2 square miles of verdant landscape has been called “the most wonderful fake in America.”

Almost 20,000 cubic yards of New Jersey topsoil–accommodating some 1,500 species of trees, shrubs and plants–lays over once-infertile ground stripped of more than 10 million cartloads of characteristic schist. During more than a decade of back-breaking exertion, overworked men erected from nothing a public grounds to rival the great Bois de Boulogne in Paris and others in Europe.

Your own excellence begs for similar effort.

Without the benefit of careful attention and regular pruning, your talents wilt and die. Your dreams wither on the vine unless bathed in the rays of your focus and hydrated by the shower of your intention.

Drop to your knees and grab your spade. Dig diligently and purposefully to bring fresh earth to the surface. Work tirelessly under the sweltering sun.

It’s better than staring at nothing from the shade.


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    Love it my man.

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