The Big Bang in Your Head

This Cosmic Microwave Background image shows temperature fluctuations across our expanding universe.

The Discovery Channel manages to really grab hold of me from time to time.

I was flipping through the handful of stations I watch as I took a break from reading Sunday night and quickly became engrossed by How The Universe Works, as close to a crash course in astrophysics as you can find on television. This episode, amongst many other things, highlighted a “cosmic game of risk” which resulted in all we see throughout the cosmos.

In the moments after the Big Bang, pure energy reigned.

Disorganized and expanding faster than the speed of light (at an infinite temperature, no less), a battle commenced between the component parts of this nebulous cloud of everything. In one corner, matter as we know it–protons, neutrons and electrons–existed. Literally opposite, antimatter appeared as a mirror image, an immovable object made up of antiprotons, antineutrons and antielectrons (positrons) facing the unstoppable force of our atomic reality.

The conflict was explosive.

In the way one magnet’s positive end exerts an irresistible pull on the negative side of another, these two extremes raced toward each other like jousting knights. And, just as with medieval nobles astride mighty horses, the winner made the difference by having a little bit more.

All that came into being over the last 14 billion years resulted from the miniscule advantage matter had over antimatter.

The face-off is equally violent when old thinking meets new. All that would restrain you jostles for position against what might lift you to another level. Every reason you’ve got to stay where you are lunges at each motive you provide to move on.

The outcome of your mental battle rests on who can bring the most to the fight.

Can your optimistic operators overtake pessimistic platoons?

Your future is on the line.

Will it be feeble or phenomenal?

Achieving victory is as much about vigilance as strategy.

Mind your thoughts, they are your soldiers. Feed and clothe them well. Rotate each unit regularly to keep them fresh for the skirmishes with “But what about…” and “You should…”, the scouting party seeking a place to gain a foothold for “You’re not good enough.”

Swarm them and retake the high ground with forward-looking ferocity.

The last one standing determines whether you flame out or flourish.


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