Surviving Rock Bottom

Hitting rock bottom sucks.

The great thing about it, though, is there’s nowhere to go but up. It’s a tough place to be and easy–maybe even natural–to despair. You wonder how you can get out of the hole you’re in, seeing only the walls stretching high above your head.

You get everywhere in life one moment at a time.

Low points arrive in increments, even if you feel the last step is a proverbial “doozy.” Realize, however, the thunderclap of pain is the culmination of many decisions and mistakes.

You move upward the same way.

Slower than you’d like, for sure.

The depths of defeat are never escaped soon enough.

Discouragement is an unpleasant detour on any journey.

What’s most important to keep in mind is peaks require valleys.

Absent contrast, meaning evaporates.

“Tall” is incomprehensible without “short.”

“Order” is measured against “chaos.”

The exultation of “best” is defined by the desolation of “worst.”

Unfortunately, it’s easier to slide downhill than scale upward.

Grab every inch of every foot, maybe seeing only a little bit ahead into a dense fog–believing all the way in the good to come–and you’ll rise again.

The trail winds and, in spots, will require you come down in order to climb up later.

Be encouraged and confident.

Move forward and nurse your wounds back to health. The marks left behind are reminders. Count them as blessings while raising your arms in triumph.

Bear your scars proudly when you reach the next summit and remember what you’ve survived with the next fall.


“Joy cometh in the morning.”

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