4 Tips for Getting Out of the Hole

Lonely moments in gloomy darkness can swallow you whole.

With steep walls surrounding the canyon of your pain, it is easy to give up and be consumed by sorrow. How can you justify expending energy if you’ll probably just end up down there again?

Somewhere, another person is feeling the exact same thing at that precise moment.

Millions of people are suffering under the weight of dejection. Disappointment barges through the door of every home, tracking dashed hopes on the carpet and soiling the air with the stench of broken dreams.

Only the commitment to move beyond disheartening events–regardless of what it takes–will separate the happy from the miserable.

What can you do when the mountaintop is out of sight?

1. Embrace your feelings
There is a pervading misconception a bright smile breaks through gray clouds.

Few are those that move happily along every step of life’s trail.

It’s tempting to let desperate days meander into worthless weeks. Maintain a constructive attitude–“What can I learn?”–instead of sinking into perpetual destruction.

Grieve your vain efforts.

Avoid being buried with them.

2. Accept the bounces
Depending on how far you’re falling from, you may rise up and crash down several times like a rubber ball slammed against concrete. Realize that, even when you’re coming out of something, it’s natural to slip a bit.

Some days the recovery will go smoothly and others it will be taxing. Setbacks are normal. Concern yourself with progress, whether it’s an inch or a mile.

3. Examine the path
Look around and do your best to figure out how you got where you are. Even more vital–and often quite stunning: ask yourself if you’re on the right trail.

It is of little use taking a similar road if you were made to travel wholly opposite one.

4. Practice patience
There is an appropriate amount of time required to summit the peak above your valley.

Until your last breath, your window of opportunity remains open. Whether striving for another monumental achievement or making the first uncomfortable step, you’re walking the same course.

In the face of discouragement, keep moving your weary legs and you’ll get where you’re going.

Take a deep breath, fill your heart with belief and remember:

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”
Abraham Lincoln


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