The Best Won’t Come While You Wait

“The best things come to those who wait” is a common caution when impatience strikes.

It’s easy to give credence to the age-old phrase, as life can run on like an indefinite delay at the gate of Made-it Airlines before your flight “there,” whatever that means for you.

The words are usually accompanied by a wagging finger or admonishing look from the virtuous, those whose memories have clouded just enough to forget the wisdom of the poet and philosopher Tom Petty: “The waiting is the hardest part.”

How you linger at the gate determines if you sit in first class.

The phrase is deceiving, as a quick mental turn leads one to believe rewards are delivered to the stationary. It is as if, by staying in one place and remaining calm, holding out your hands will allow you to catch a break as it falls from the sky.

Vague cliches are hopelessly unable to demonstrate real truth.

There is a vast difference between “active patience” and “inactive hope.”

The first makes things happen while the second crosses its fingers.

Passion and purpose drive the former, warmth and whim sway the latter.

Persistent, directed action is the key ingredient in any successful journey.

Without targeted execution of strategic objectives each and every day, even the greatest organizations and people stagnate. Achievement is a fruit borne by the tree of activity. As Abraham Lincoln said,

Good things come to those who wait, but only those left over by those who hustle.

You can wait for the plane to take off and–eventually it will…probably…maybe–or rent a car and drive yourself.

There’s only one way to guarantee you’ll reach your destination.


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