Life is On the Line

Life is a highwire act.

You shuffle along a tenuous path, conscious of the delicate balance between living and dying–sometimes more than others.

One slip, one misstep and you slam against the floor.

Reaching the other side tests your frail form.

Every inch of the way, you have doubts and fears.

It’s natural.

Maintaining the necessary confidence to wrangle your yelping anxieties requires a singular focus.

You have a promise to keep.

It’s an important one.

It was made in you instead of by you.

It must be fulfilled through you.

It is your role in the greater play of life.

Take it seriously.

Believe in it.

Search your heart every day until you find it.

There may be times when the going isn’t easy, where you wonder what it is or if you’ll ever “get it.” Push a little harder when it seems you’ve got nothing left.

Trust yourself.

It’s there.

When you arrive, build a fort to guard your mind.

Live there all your days.

Act from that steadfast sense of purpose and you’ll have a great life.

I promise.


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