4 Bs for When the Rain Falls

Rain is a pleasant thing.

The rhythmic tapping invites you to pause and quench your thirst. Hydration is a requirement for any journey, a necessity for the long road between “here” and “there.”

It is a quiet push to blossom.

The difficulties in your life do the same, begging you to grow.

Sometimes it becomes a flood.

Unable to absorb all that’s falling, you feel like you’ll be washed away in the torrent. You gasp and flail against the stream terrified you’ll drown.

As the river climbs toward its crest, do this:

1. Breathe
Most challenges seem overwhelming at first glance. Slow down for a moment and remember you only eat the elephant–or anything else–one bite at a time.

2. Brace
Amidst the rushing waters of your latest downpour, it helps to anchor yourself to truth. Have a set of bedrock values to guide your decisions in tough times and you’ll weather the storm.

3. Believe
OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod” does not lend itself to sound strategy. Fear is natural, as Mark Twain wrote:

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.

It’s perfectly acceptable to be scared, so long as you hold fast to the idea you’ll make it through the ordeal.

4. Behave
Action is the final key to making adversity work for good. Remaining level-headed and committing to your choices–even if it’s only to puff out your chest and say “I’m just fine”–allows you to determine your fate.

When the sky opens up and the downpour lasts for days, these “Four Bs” will help you thrive instead of just survive.

Calm, clear certainty in your steps will steer you to high ground.


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