The First Step Between “There” and “Here”

Twitter is a fascinating piece of the social media puzzle.

Filled with everything from high philosophy to inane drivel, it is an interesting window into the moment-to-moment attention of its millions of users. It allows the masses to engage celebrities, permits companies to track customer complaints and helps individuals to build fledgling businesses of various kinds all within 140 made-for-ADHD characters.

It’s almost like a search engine with a pulse.

For example, I often find quotations to add to my considerable collection flowing through my tweet stream. I began saving various thoughts from all sorts of luminaries almost a decade ago and have gathered 25+ pages worth over the years for use as inspiration across the spectrum of life’s experiences.

Yesterday, I had a “Duh!” moment when I saw this:

I wondered how such a simple, elegant truth escaped me for so long.

History–whether personal or global–is replete with examples of bedrock faith preceding visual confirmation.

Regardless of your outcome, there is always a mental component at play in the production of it.

This is the essence of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Deep-seeded ideas blossom into the fruits of your labor, whether sweet or sour. Despite what you profess with your tongue, the activity of your imagination–positive or negative–drives you on.

As Steve Jobs said, “The vision pulls you.”

Look at Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Can you feel the conviction in his voice?

Something so strong is more than heard, it is experienced. Your soul stirs under the force of his passion, your heart swells with the recognition of a glorious future–and breathes life into it.

“If you want to be convincing, you must be convinced,” goes the old saying.

You have to know there’s a better place you’ll reach through the constancy of your effort, a mountain you’ll climb by single-minded perseverance for the greater good.

In the tough times, it may be all that keeps you going.

Such certainty mutates your DNA.

The mission becomes central to your being.

You transform into a fountain of passion and purpose.

The depth of your confidence–and your inspired action–blows open the door between “possibility and probability,” shrinks the distance between “likely” and “accomplished” and turns “fantasy” into “reality.”

And you’ve taken the first step towards “there” from “here.”


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