5 Steps to No Doubt

Doubt is a frightening companion.

Like an attention-starved child, it makes as much noise as you allow it to.

You do your best to ignore it.

Questions needle your delicate confidence.

“How can I do this?”

“Is there any way for me to succeed?”

“Am I in over my head?”

The venom increases, poisoning your mind.

“How did I think I could do this?”

“Is it me that’s incapable?”

“Am I too stupid?”

Suddenly, you’re paralyzed with fear.

You’re unable to display your talent, robbed of the opportunity to show off your hard-earned knowledge because reluctance opened the door for terror.

In the rush to find reasons you’re incapable, you’ve forget what you can do.

With proper management, though, uncertainty is a whisper against the wind.

Until you’re able to brush it aside, here are five steps to overcome that vile voice slithering into your ear:

1. Just say “No”

Though it’s natural to waver a few moments from time to time, halt the flow and avoid being overwhelmed. Catch your brain in the act of sliding on the downward spiral to prevent four or five raindrops from becoming a flood.

2. Play the part
Simply put, preparation is a key part of confidence. Taking the time to “practice” for your starring role–whether going over your lines or nailing down your movements–lays the foundation for exceptional acting instead of stage fright.

3. Execute strategy
Regardless of the challenge, you must carry out a plan of attack. Resolve to impose your tactics on a situation to the fullest extent–and find satisfaction in that, first and foremost.

Results are secondary to performance quality, especially early on.

4. Be patient
You’ve probably spent most of your life afraid the results you desire will be snatched up well before you’re able to attain them.


They’re your results. No one else can make them happen. Either you will or they won’t occur.

5. Tweak
The mark of a great craftsman is the ability to hide mistakes in the finished product. Use your misjudgments and errors to improve your plan for each task further down the road.

Your steadfast persistence and smooth adaptability demand disbelief guess where you’ll be next. Eventually, you’ll be so far ahead, hesitation will be washed into the background.

And you’ll have silenced the stealthy tongue holding you back.


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