Archimedes’ Two Keys to Creating a Movement

Mathematics is the fundamental science of the universe.

The cosmos can be broken down into a series of complex formulas. Additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions shape everything from planetary gravity to interpersonal relationships and all in between.

Our knowledge is the result of discerning the underlying combinations acting as root cause of our observable, testable reality.

Archimedes felt so certain of this truth, he declared:

Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the entire earth.

According to this Greek, one of the leading scientists of his–or any–time, creating global change demands only two things:

1. A Place to Stand
In the equation of life, one must have core values. These beliefs are the solid footings of your mind driven deep into the bedrock of your purpose. Even as other systems fail, they remain to stabilize you.

When wind gusts slap your face, you’re unbent.

As waves of disappointment crash against you, you’re unmoved.

If the ground rumbles beneath your feet, you’re unshaken.

And you’re able to push back.

2. A Lever Long Enough
Regardless of your convictions’ strength, there comes a moment when action is required. The force of your faith must be applied over some distance with steady, passionate focus in whatever direction you choose.

Length here is primarily a function of time. Leverage builds as you continue exerting energy through challenges arising over hours, days, months or years. Monumental shifts are always the end product of tremendous persistence despite daunting odds.

Drive with all your might on the objective, brushing aside physical and mental fatigue.

It’s how movement happens.


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