Grabbing the Symphony by the Horns

The Project H can be heard at clubs in the Kansas City area and on MySpace Music.

There’s a certain level of deafness required for great achievement.

When it comes time to make the leap from old habits to new ideas, voices must be silenced–your own or another or both.

An old friend reminded me of this a few days ago.

I smiled wide when this came across my Facebook news feed:

You can call it balls or you can call it stupidity. Today, I’m auditioning for the Omaha symphony, not because I think I can win, but because it’s a challenge I have not faced. Regardless of the result, this will be a positive in all aspects of my playing and in my career.

Success is a combination of having the guts to put yourself out there and the ability to “unknow” what might lead you to think you’re incapable.

Notice the boldness and resolve.

No matter your viewpoint, he grabbed the bull by the horns and went along for the ride. Mind you, he’s the most talented musician I’ve ever personally known and I’m certain getting a seat in any orchestra is within the range of his skills.

What is important to recognize here is the outcome taking a back seat to the effort.

The audacity of the risk succumbed to the necessity of pushing the limits.

Reasons the task was “too hard” evaporated.

“Why go?” became “Why not?”

Focus cleared the air of doubt and nothing remained but carrying out a dare made within.

The artist tuned his hearing only to the song of his heart and let the rest be damned.

And, by that, he succeeded.


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