Bare Courage

The first time I heard about Twitter, I thought the idea was ludicrous.

Attempting to contain my thoughts in 140 characters seemed like more of a pain than it was worth. Social media made sense to me in small doses–connected to people I knew.

Over the last few months, I’ve had a fascinating window into some people’s lives.

I’ve exchanged messages with a snarky Canadian.

I’ve laughed with a young Kiwi.

I’ve added one of my favorite authors to my contacts list.

I’ve witnessed the emotional nudity of a grown woman.

Elizabeth bares herself with remarkable regularity.

I realized last night, after reading this blog, how much I admire her transparency. Exposing the raw marrow of your soul requires tremendous bravery and startling resolve, which reminded me of these words from Samuel Johnson:

Courage is reckoned the greatest of all virtues; because, unless a man has that virtue, he has no security for preserving any other.

Roughly a year ago, she made a bold decision and set about changing her life. She looked at where she was and–despite the heartache and doubt–chose to go in a new direction, along a path aligned more with what she’d been before the marriage and child and job.

She sought out her own deep truth and set about revealing it whenever possible.

Such dedication takes serious guts.

With her chin up and shoulders back, she has declared: “This is who I am and what I will do, whether you love me or not.” It is mere statement of fact, intended to display commitment instead of pushing others away.

She’s invited you to come along if you like–and waved politely if you don’t–as opposed to saying “You can’t sit here.”

It’s her process of self-rediscovery, revealing something she’d lost and opening the curtains so whomever stops by can see what’s going on.

In helping herself, she’s helping others.

What a travesty it would have been for that to remain private.


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