The War for Peace

There is a silent conflict going on.

Covert operations and clandestine counterattacks are occurring at this very moment on some of the most valuable  real estate in the world.

The battle rages between your ears.

On one side, “is.”

In opposition, “could be.”

The former has greater numbers, bolstered by years of remembered history. “Face the facts!” is the battle cry, followed by a laundry list of experiences and excuses. This army digs in, content in the safety of reality as constituted.

The latter is bolder, seizing larger pieces of landscape by the day. The tactics are unconventional, guided more by passion than tradition. “Forge the future!” echoes over the hills and valleys as these forces sweep forward, driven by a deep-held sense of purpose.

One side must win.

You can back the soldiers afraid of change or put your energy into the infantry embracing it.

Time will go on either way.

If you’ve decided to strengthen your personal revolutionaries, be certain to grab every inch of your mental terrain.

This is the war for your life and losing the field is costly.

You will be the only casualty.


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