Leading Under the Influence

Power is said to be an aphrodisiac.

I often wonder if the effect is felt most by the individual in control or the recipient. The charge from commanding others to submit would seem to flow best in one direction—the opposite of those oppressed.

Who wants to spend life bending to the will of another?

Think about the iron-fisted dictators in your life—a tyrannical boss or demanding relative—are you eager to do anything for them? How quick are you to roll your eyes when their back is turned?

Imposing authority on others is a lonely endeavor.

People are low priority.

Fear reigns.

Resentment grows.

Productivity plummets.

Doors close.

Influence is far more effective and rewarding.

Force wanes.

Free will is respected.

Relationships flourish.

Growth is projected.

The foundation of success—in any area—is built on cooperation.

In order for others to invest in your movement, you must share something with them. Allow them to see your vision. Invite them to participate. Encourage creativity.

Provide opportunity instead of taking what you can.

Giving like this inevitably leads to getting.

How powerful is that?


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