The First Key to Success

Imagination is the key to achievement.

The ability to see beyond current circumstances is a vital skill, as success is often the combination of dogged determination and wide-eyed wonder.

Curiosity invites opportunity.

“What would it take for…?” is the beginning of every endeavor. The pursuit of answers to this question delivers possibilities.

Ideas abound.

Take Herculez Gomez, an American soccer player named to the roster for the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

His professional career began in Mexico. Playing time with the first team, the sport’s equivalent of a varsity squad, was very limited for the young man from Las Vegas.

After giving it a go with a couple of teams, Gomez returned to the US and played with a lower-division team in San Diego, impressing the Los Angeles Galaxy staff with his speed and nose for the target. He blossomed with a run of starts in the Summer of 2005.

In sports and life, things change quickly.

Tension arose with the coaching staff over tactical decisions.

New management led to new chances.

Then he was traded to Colorado, where he earned a call-up to the US Men’s National Team for the 2007 Copa America.

He tore a knee ligament that Fall, then ended up being shipped to Kansas City near the end of the 2008 season.

There comes a time to pursue another option.

He again headed south of the border this January to join Puebla FC. Once a hot up-and-comer, he wandered out into the “international wilderness,” far from the eyes of this country’s soccer public.

And he emerged as the first American to lead a foreign league in scoring, hitting the back of the net 10 times.

A call-up to the provisional 30-man roster for South Africa resulted…and he made the team.

What seemed unlikely became reality.

Gomez story reminds us of a simple truth:

A mind bent towards creative thinking opens doors to its goal.

This is the first in a two-part series on the primary characteristics necessary for success. Check back tomorrow for the conclusion, “The Other Key to Success.”


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