What Do Your Beliefs Require?

People have ideas about what you think.

In the harsh wilderness of ancient man, cooperative relationships were key to survival. Human evolution is the result of collaboration and, by proxy, approval.

Thus, when someone else assails your theories, your deep-lying primitive brain becomes suspicious. It’s natural for you to become defensive immediately because–from the savanna to the boardroom–vocal opposition may signal impending attack.

When your opinion is challenged, resist the temptation to be offended.

Take a moment to breathe in the split-second after a verbal volley is thrown. Assess the situation and determine the threat level. Are you in any real danger?

In life, you will often encounter others with something different to say. How you handle it will determine much about the vastness of your success and the depth of your happiness.

As slings and arrows are loosed your way, remember this:

True faith is built on uncompromising tolerance.

It encounters other views with grace and dignity.

Values are unshakable and firm.

However, when enlightened by new information, it adapts.

There is room at the table for all convictions and creeds.

Some will agree and others won’t.

You may be surrounded by open minds or closed hearts.

Respectful disagreement displays security in your conclusions.

Others may bear down with pitchforks and torches, bent on turning your mind another direction, yet you will hold quietly to the sanctity of your own position.

Standing your ground is a reflection of your perspective, which relies on you alone.

The crowd will hammer the table fiercely, as does Commander Lock in The Matrix Reloaded:
“Not everyone believes what you believe!”

You will calmly reply like Morpheus:
“My beliefs do not require them to.”


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