The Value of an Ideal

“It’s not ideal” is a phrase filled with tremendous potential.

Those three words have incalculable power to shape anything–business, health, life.

Flawlessness is a perplexing pursuit, a baffling balance on the fine line between monumental achievement and catastrophic failure.

There can be little argument “better” is the concept driving evolution.

Without it nothing would ever change.

Humans would still be small nomadic groups of a few dozen instead of massive cities of burgeoning technology.

You would have eaten your breakfast from the end of a sharp stick.

“It would be great if…” is the beginning of an important conversation.

Mental floodgates open and creative juices flow, painting a changed reality with an unburdened brush.

Possibility is unleashed.

Fresh views bubble to the surface and boil off old dogma.

Unbridled thought at some point runs out.

Your mind is bewildered by the striking supremacy of results created on the fly. Removing boundaries and setting it free forces you to encounter the crucial point a decision is made, where your attitude is revealed and your legacy is constructed.

“Is the dream a motivator or an excuse?

The spotlight of this question reflects your belief about yourself and your world.

Grasp the opportunity to effect change on a grand scale, to improve your environment…

…or settle for the familiar because such aspirations are beyond your reach.

The river of limitless thinking forks into two courses of action.

One cuts through the bedrock of accepted practice to form a new landscape.

The other follows the path of least resistance out to sea, washing away the imagined future with a quiet “if only” shake of the head.

An exhilarating vision can be a lamentation or an inspiration, a hindrance or a springboard.

Which way will you turn?


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