What Are You Hunting?

Are you after something?

What motivates you every day?

Have you set your eyes on a prize or slipped into routine monotony?

Tracking something activates a primal feeling, a deep urge awakened to analyze the details of a situation and exploit the advantages with split-second precision.

One scientist believes the first humans to settle may have doomed us all. Forming agricultural collectives and sharing homegrown food dulled our instincts for seizing opportunities–or making one when necessary.

Such intuitive characteristics are part of what brought humans to the top of the food chain.

The fact is, hunting is in your DNA.

Your brain is wired to pursue targets, to anticipate the best course moment-to-moment in highly-fluid situations. The thrill of the chase gives you the mental fire to create new possibilities and branch out into different areas.

Going after an objective is high joy between your ears, an expression of basic need. Ignoring this begs the fog of inactivity to set in.

Is your life an accurate reflection of that tendency?

The most successful people have written goals, oft-quoted researchers say.

Perhaps it encourages you to concentrate on where you’re going instead of where you’ve been. Maybe such steady focus invites fresh thinking or fosters problem-solving skills.

You must be on the trail of something.

You are at your best that way.


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