Driving Inspiration

Inspiration drives humanity forward.

Chances are your best moments come at the business end of a bolt from the blue, a sudden impulse of simple clarity wiping away your confusion.

Deep-held certainty is a core characteristic of any achievement. The internal transition from skeptic to believer strengthens your motivation to pursue your goal.

A puttering heart makes a poor engine.

Fueled by doubt instead of passion, it whines and hisses, moving the owner along slowly–if at all.

Once supercharged, it hesitates and spews exhaust.

What pushes you forward? What gives you direction?

Minus a central focus, you’re reading a map without a destination.

How can you choose the proper route if you’re undecided on where you’re going?

Making up your mind is the first step. Keeping it on Wally World–or wherever you’re headed–is crucial, as there will be plenty of opportunities to turn back in favor of more accessible alternatives.

Recall the exhilaration of your high spirit when your mood shifts and reconnect with the importance of your task.

The envisioned result pulls you when you’re running on fumes.


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