A Late Goal is Always On Time

A million things can go wrong but all it takes is one to go right.

Yesterday, the American soccer team salvaged victory after dangling on the edge heartbreaking defeat.

Nearing the end of a tumultuous 90 minutes, having missed chance after chance to achieve a positive result, four men sped forward across acres of green grass to score the goal they had given their all to secure, guaranteeing passage into the knockout phases of the world’s largest sporting event.

The miracle came at the end of a long struggle.

Having managed to overcome early mistakes to make something of the previous two matches–and robbed of a win by a disallowed goal against Slovenia last Friday in the process–it would have been easy to give up.

As the clock ticked towards the end of regulation, near misses mounted.

A post was hit here and open goal missed there.

Yet the eleven men in white continued pushing for the breakthrough, urgent though unhurried.

Persistence was key.

Dogged determination in the face of all that would tell you it’s not your day (or week or year) yields amazing results.

Maintain your spirit and dig in for the challenge.

Fight on as your efforts meet with unsatisfying returns, show the world your commitment.

Life is full of good and bad breaks.

What you do with both determines how far you go. Scott French of ESPNLosAngeles.com connected the beautiful game and human experience in his article late last night:

…it’s not always fair, that you’re not always rewarded for good work, that the better side does not always win…it does not matter how big you are or where you’re from, that the anticipation (and denial) of success makes success, when it comes, all the more sweeter.

Keep plugging away.

In the end, you’ll win.


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