One Thing’s Wrong

“I just felt kind of restless.”

I listened intently as the computer-exec-turned-pastor described her transition from the corporate world to leading a congregation. Over the course of about 30 minutes, she shared the string of experiences that led her away from big money and big business to “follow passion.”

Life presents dozens of opportunities to choose a new direction.

This woman recounted various instances which crystallized the necessity of her major switch.

The female vice president struggling through a proposal while fighting the flu because she “had to be there.”

Talking with her boss as he sat in an airplane seat awaiting takeoff and asking him if the effort was worth being alone on Christmas Eve, filled with dread during the long pause before he answered “No.”

The coworker who postponed his dream to gather a little more money, only to die at 51 and short of the early retirement he believed would open the door.

Listening to her church group describe each other’s strengths and being told hers was “that of an apostle.”

It’s amazing what you hear when you finally listen.

After years passed in the wandering pursuit of “unfulfillment,” you will come to a point where you acknowledge a question instead of seeking an answer.

Suddenly, you reach a crucial moment defined by five words: “How did I get here?”

And, despite what others–or you–may think, you are in a very good place.

People often make trade-offs, setting aside “foolish fantasies” for a far-off future of “what I really want to do.” By asking yourself if you are in the place you wish to be, you have turned the key of truth and cracked the door to new opportunity.

This is the moment you can be born again.

If you will seize the day and strike out on a new path, you will have made an investment with staggering returns in “psychic value.”

You will have set yourself apart from the “I wish I would have” crowd. You will have grasped a new, purposeful life guided by contentment and satisfaction instead of dollars and cents.

What could ever be wrong with that?


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