Pave the Way

New paths are always under construction.

Like any other project, plans are required. The distance between current location and destination requires crossing some distance. Having directions makes the journey much easier.

Before that, though, ideas must be collected and research–or even calculations–done.

Your thoughts are crucial in shaping your road map.

On any journey, you anticipate traveling through several known points to ensure the shortest possible mileage.

You plot these landmarks out and use them to measure your progress.

More often than not, you’ll confront many changes to your route along the way.

Power lines will be down.

Debris will be blocking traffic.

Two lanes will be closed while a crew performs maintenance.

You may slow to a crawl while new cement is laid.

What would have been a quick trip turns into a long haul.

Your desire is tested.

Your patience is tried.

The wide-open interstate to your goal has yet to be completed.

Work gets delayed by rain or other circumstances.

Take detours so it can be finished or find another way entirely.

You must be willing to choose other methods to advance, even if it’s well off the straight line you hoped to traverse.

Be confident and calm in the face of setbacks.

Your destination is still there.

You will arrive.

You just may have to pave the way yourself.


The Tao of John Wooden

Aiming for Imperfection

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2 Responses to “Pave the Way”

  1. 1 snapurly June 28, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    “You must be willing to choose other methods to advance, even if it’s well off the straight line you hoped to traverse.”

    That is my problem, in a nutshell, that is preventing me from paving my own path. And I’m sure I’m not alone with this. It’s always easier to stay where you are, with what you know, then to try to find a new way to get where you want to go. I’m hoping that a combination of common sense, patience, and the advice you lay out here can get me around the “construction zone” and where I want to be.

    • 2 Jason Eichacker June 28, 2010 at 11:26 pm

      A lot of times, I’ve struggled with a brain looking to see the entire route instead of being content with what’s visible up to the next bend in the road. Staying put harbors the illusion of security–everything changes. The acceptance of that fact is a key in moving forward to patiently make your own way into a brighter future.

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