Carpe Dormis

Rest is essential to peak performance.

The pace of modern life has bred a notion of constant effort to achieve results.

Eat on the run.

Sleep when you can.

Relax if you dare.

If you take a break, someone else will get ahead, right?


Your body and mind have finite resources. Pushing the limits and denying recovery invites total shut down.

Give yourself the opportunity for replenishment and rejuvenation.

Hit the sack early.

Go for a stroll in the park.

Take a vacation.

Time spent refueling your tanks is a great investment.

A tired brain has little creativity.

Uncoordinated and unfocused, it swings wildly at everything thrown its way. Sure, sometimes it smacks a lucky home run, but most of the time it hits a weak grounder if it makes contact at all.

Meeting demands under the weight of tremendous fatigue is inefficient and often ineffective. In this state of stress, every tissue from head to toe aches for time to cool down and rebuild.

Jump at the chance for a breather. Grab a few moments and reboot your system.

You’ll carry on better when you do.


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