See Your Original Face

You have a toolbox.

There are certain talents or abilities you must develop to fulfill your purpose. Such a task does not allow quitting or giving up nor does it forgive lack of focus. To achieve what you’ve been put here to do is to diligently cultivate the blessings from your Creator.

Your greatness results from the regular pursuit of a means to get better.

Improving those skills, pushing on to express the very best of yourself is, at root, what your task is. You don’t have to be the very best of the best necessarily.

Be the best you.

Step into the gifts God has poured into your being. Ending up in a dead end job is a choice, whether you knew you were making it at the time or not; by limiting yourself mentally, by finding excuses to lay down when you could have stood up, you have become the reason for the season of your discontent.

You know what’s going on. You know something is amiss. You’re aware of the mystifying restlessness telling you something is just not quite right. It’s a clue, a voice speaking to you, “You are off point. Get back on purpose, I have created you for something else.”

Break down the walls between you and your designated role in this great play.

See your original face and remember what you are: the loving expression of a powerful creative force.


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6 Responses to “See Your Original Face”

  1. 1 susan merlo July 10, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    Outstanding post. As I stand right now in the greeting area of our church this evening reading this on my blackberry, I am compelled to grab the nearest pastor and make him read it to the congregation. Of course, in this evening’s hustle + bustle that wouldn’t be appropriate; although I will share it with one of our pastors when the time is right. More people need to read/hear what you are writing!

    • 2 Jason Eichacker July 10, 2010 at 8:25 pm

      Thank you, Susan! I am honored by your compliment and appreciate your enthusiasm for my writing. It’s a simple message we can all use reminding of from time to time.

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