Keep Playing the Game

The game of life is always on.

What makes you successful is how you play.

Recently, my students played a game of “Review Jeopardy” to prepare for this week’s midterm. Divided into four teams, the class covered all eight chapters of material in a more entertaining way than having me read everything aloud again.

Some struggled.

After striking out on a Daily Double and being taken back to zero, Group One missed question after question. Rattled, apparently, by the fact the remainder of the class was breezing through the questions, they reached the break between rounds with a paltry “100” on the scoreboard.

Plainly, the attitude was terrible.

Heads hung low. Resigned to overwhelming defeat, they grumbled about the game itself.

“I’m done with this,” said one, repeating it as though everyone else should be, too. I gritted my teeth and resisted the temptation to send Gloomy Gloria home with her poor mentality–and determination to infect the rest of her team with it. (My patience wears thin quickly with people who give up, let alone make the effort to pull others down.)

When the game continued, the wind blew a different direction.

Answers came to them and they were able to steal a few missed questions from other teams.  Confidence flourished and they took advantage of the larger point values to score 5,000 points and move within striking distance of the lead. With a couple of breaks, they could have won.

Fortunes can shift in the blink of an eye.

You know people who always give up before play is over.

“I’m through,” they say dramatically, hoping you will join them in their misery. “If things aren’t going well, why even go on?” Unable to grasp the possibility of victory, they are content to wallow in the circumstances which kept them far from achieving their goal–or anything else.

The truth is, you can always come back.

In fact, that may be your victory–ascending rapidly to heights beyond expectation. Given time and a willingness to press on, you will certainly overcome the agony of defeat.

You just have to keep playing.


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