Adjust Your Attitude Towards Attitude

Attitude is misunderstood.

Long lauded as the key to life, let alone achievement, it has been placed on the highest pedestal in the pantheon of attributes. This status as the most superior of all characteristics–the Zeus of the brain’s Mount Olympus–has created a misconception capable of wrecking a driven mind encountering the first downpour on its journey.

Mood ebbs and flows.

Being happy each second of each hour of each day is like demanding a pig sprout wings and fly. So, too, is asking sadness or anger or shame to rain out a parade for months on end. The likelihood a person can maintain such pure emotion without interruption–a laugh among tears or a smile dimmed by disappointment–is so minuscule it is immeasurable.

To expect eternal sunshine and a spotless mind is futile.

Though I have grown, I still have times when frustration mounts and I become the mental equivalent of a snarling pitbull. The difference–the watermark of this shift–is that I am able to shake free of this entanglement far easier than before. What might once have bothered me for hours passes in minutes. I’ve ceased to volunteer days or weeks to the toxicity of a storm between my ears, yet have accepted it is natural to go through periods of rough emotional seas.

Attempting to force “a perfect state of mind” is to surrender your humanity.

Is it preferable to possess a soaring spirit? Of course, who among us would argue otherwise? Joy is the momentary expression of your essence, the playful inner child blessed with the spotlight of your consciousness.

To deny heartbreaking valleys is to lose appreciation for heart-bursting peaks.

Choose to avoid loitering in the low spot.

Acknowledge your discontent and let it be a spur in your side to head down the trail.

Everyone has an “off” day now and again, just be sure it doesn’t last a week.


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