Know “Because” When You Say So

I enjoy being interviewed.

As with most people, it’s a thrill to see my name in print or face on television and bask in the glow of pseudo-fame. For me, however, the pleasure is amplified by my enjoyment of sharing information.

I get to give someone a piece of my mind, just like with this blog.

It’s an opportunity for me to educate, to put my knowledge–and the views derived from it–on display for others to benefit, if they so choose. (Again, as with MeBuilding.)

And, thanks to a kind journalist friend, I’ve had at least one chance a year to talk about what I’ve learned since 2008.

Yesterday, she sent me an email to see if I could help her out:

I’m writing a story for the Eagle on meditation as a means to physical and mental well-being, as part of a lifestyle. Wondering if you have any thoughts on that?

I, of course, agreed to speak with her–but look what I offered afterward:

I would like to create a “fact sheet” of sorts for you so you’ve got evidence instead of me just talking off the top of my head.

When sharing your beliefs, it’s critical to understand your “why”.

To utter something and be unable to back it up is to tell a half-truth (or manage a political campaign). When you regurgitate a soundbite with little knowledge of its meaning, you mislead others and, more importantly, yourself.

Doing anything well–or, being somebody of value–requires more than just believing something; achievement demands a reason, it begs for your “because…”

Without your personal proof, an idea is wobbly at best.

The foundation is rotten wood laid on quicksand. Your mind can only rise so high on such shaky ground before toppling over on fallacy.

Thus, self-examination is critical.

Like an engineer checking an architect’s plan, picking apart your beliefs to find the weaknesses improves the overall strength.

Regardless of whether your truth matches another’s, you’re prepared to resist any storm thrown your way.

When you comprehend the roots of your idea, someone will care to let it blossom.


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