The Productive Pause

I have to force myself not to run sometimes.

As I’ve redeveloped the habit of daily mileage over the last few weeks, I’ve realized an enforced break is a blessing and a curse. It’s important to take time to heal, to give the road a break from the stabbing of my feet and allow my ligaments and tendons to restore themselves.

What if the sidewalk is where I recover?

I went to bed early Sunday morning after completing the last final exam I’ll ever write in the first teaching job I ever had. Motivated to finish the task and therefore move forward with the next phase of preparing for my big move, I pushed on into the wee hours with little regard for sleep.

Sunday morning arrived and I felt gassed.

As is my custom, I set about doing some of my “small work”, the five- or ten-minute jobs that can add up at the end of the day. My energy waned and I left papers strewn about my floor awaiting grades or filing. I headed off to my other job and sleepwalked through several hours, certain a half-hour to myself jogging in the sun would do me good.

I craved the meditation of 160 strides per minute.

Alas, my desire to avoid overtraining took precedent and I continued slogging through the evening.

One of the best benefits of self-evaluation is learning what your spiritual reset button is.

Plowing through the rocky fields of your mind requires constant, time-consuming effort.

The necessity of rest is unavoidable.

Respect this fact and honor your intentions with a productive pause.

Stopping for a breather halts your progress, but that’s better than losing ground because you kept pushing forward.


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