Burning Yourself from the Outside

Sometimes people require a kick in the ass.

I have a problem delivering one when the time comes. It is beyond me to comprehend the necessity of a fiery speech. In fact, laying down the gauntlet with a verbal tirade is one of the few times words consistently fail me.

The way I see it, motivation can be internal or external.

One can, without a doubt, serve to amplify the other for a few moments, yet only the former can generate and maintain the focus required to produce sustained success. I’m certain each of us has been buoyed by impassioned rhetoric of some kind–whether in a locker room or from a stage–only to find our energy wane within days (if not hours or minutes).

This is why I am quite laissez-faire with my students.

In my mind, their will to achieve is what matters, as “babysitter” was left out of my job description. I can muster all the histrionics a grand performer might hope for and it is of little good when their mindset is lacking.

When drive is absent, it follows–“as the night the day“–that results plummet.

A fire burns within us all.

As individuals, we must seek our own fuel to ensure the flame stays alight. A strong motive emanating from within glows bright in all weather. Regardless of life’s storms, our soul must be able to warm its hands from the inside.

Others can only stoke the blaze.

There is a mistaken belief in the power of another. We like to think someone will pour gasoline on our desire and really get us going. Reality is we–the people with the dreams–are solely able to create our wildfire.

Inspiration and meaning are sparks, ignition dependent upon a waiting fuel source.

Begging for fire and brimstone to help manifest your idea is foolish.

This is not to say, you shouldn’t ask for help–we all need some from time to time.

Relying on someone else, though, is asking to be burned.


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