Words to Live By

Do you have a motto?

I’ve been working on one for a while. I mean, it seems a guiding principle is the key to a successful human endeavor. Whether an individual, corporation or athletic team, the highest achievers–either at the top or close to it–always have a punchy phrase to drive their effort and ideas.

Most of us appear to operate based on a default setting.

We allow our lives to be shaped by motives we hardly realize are in place. Over the last nine months, and particularly around the turn of the year, I figured out a lot about my internal compass. Further, I gained an understanding of why the needle pointed in a certain direction as opposed to others. In time, I’ll share those misinterpretations in detail and connect them with decisions I made down the line.

In short, “Make Money” made me an unconscious slave to the almighty dollar.

As I set about to reframe my life, I am determined to become my own master again. And, considering my obsession with words, it is logical I engage in the pursuit of an appropriate credo to steer me on a new path in a new place.

When making a change, inspiration is important.

If you’re going to hit a psychological reset button, you want to make sure the result reflects the best to you. It should push you toward the image of what you want to be, stir your soul enough you will reach beyond your current grasp. Absent this emotional groundswell, your spirit will rest comfortably instead of taking on the challenge.

It’s common–even natural–for us to seek out examples, it’s the easiest way for us to learn. With that in mind, I’m going to share the two maxims I’ve recently come up with and explain why I settled on them in the hopes you might take a moment to consider your chief aim and what it says about you.

“Question Possible, Fulfill Potential.”
This came about at the confluence of many inner dialogues centered around the feeling I wish to have at the end of my life. As the conversation played out, I acknowledged what I’ve always known: I want to wring every last drop of my talents and abilities through my skin.

My deepest desire is to be certain I examined what could be done (questioned the possible) then saw it through (fulfilled the potential). Moving forward, I know articulating this will aid my thought process.

“Ut prosim Deo duce.”
I focused on myself for much of my life, cowering under the assumption I was inadequate and silently hoping to disprove myself someday. I was unable to trust my instincts or use my gifts under the burden of protecting my fragile ego. Thus, I have rearranged my priorities and ask only “that I may be useful with God as my guide.”

These phrases are simple, but each time they come to mind I am moved.

I shuffle a little further towards the destination designed for me.

By taking on a mantra, I am “of service” as opposed to “of self”.

Such a change can only get me where I want to be.


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