The Powerful Prayer

God listens.

We clumsily beg and plead for assistance, hoping the clouds will break in our life or a loved one’s. Dozens of times a day—if not hundreds or thousands—we whisper “Please let…” and He considers every petition with unfailing patience.

What is the best way to reach Him?

Honestly, I don’t know.

What I’m sure of, though, is I feel better when my heart is filled with gratitude for what I’m requesting. It makes sense to me–bearing in mind God works outside the bounds of time–to talk with Him as if He’s already done it.

As the Alpha and Omega from which everything originates, I imagine He has shelves full of possibilities and pulls the proper one down like an old man grabbing a hammer from the wall of his garage.

He knows where every tool is, it’s just a matter of asking Him to hand something over.

Throughout my life, I’ve prayed in fear more often than not. I’ve screamed for help like a drowning child. I’ve made decisions, realized I was mistaken and cried out from the bottom of wells instead of expressing appreciation for His guiding hand.

As I embark on the next phase of my journey, I ask that you take a different approach. Tell Him you are grateful for my safety, acknowledge the opportunity He blesses me with and express gratitude for all He does for others through me.

Praise Him for the beautiful life He’s laid out before me, just as I do for you.


Aren’t you more likely to deliver on something when thanked in advance?


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