Pressure cuts to the core.

Over 500 million years, the Yosemite Valley has transformed from ocean floor to picturesque canyon in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Billions of tons of ice gashed the granite to produce stunning beauty.

Challenges compress us.

Moment to moment, in large and small ways, life turns the screws. Situations apply force, demand decisions, reveal character.

The heavy load strips away the unnecessary, shaping–or, if you’re not careful, crushing–what lies below. We are defined by what is left behind, that which is strong enough to withstand the grinding power of all we face.

The world is shown only what is durable enough to resist the stress.

Facing long odds, we inevitably revert to long-formed habits until forced to change. When push comes to shove, only the most desperate times demand we act a certain way.

Some crack.

Others are galvanized.

Some choke.

Others rise to the occasion.

Be mindful of what you strengthen, it appears when the time comes.


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