The Opportunity of a Lifetime

We have but one life to live.

Days often overwhelm us, 24 hours becomes a race to be finished.

It happens to me constantly as I hustle from one task to the next in a whirlwind of activity.

Every once in a while, a shock resets our brains.

A job is lost.

Property burns down.

Loved ones die.

For an all-too-brief period, we live in the space we wish to, cherishing relationships and indulging in simple pleasures.  We share hugs and laughs and bask in the joy of our mutual connection with others. Sunshine is a luxury and conversation is a treasure.

Then, a gentle wind blows us back into the same old, same old.

Routine draws us without fail into the familiar illusion of security over and over again.

Lately, as I transition from one place to another, my mind has been meandering around the central reason for my existence. All I can tell you for certain is that I wish to leave nothing undone, to slip through the veil certain I have given all I was able to all I could have.

How does one go about doing so?

I think about this regularly.

There are a limited number of chances to make an impact in this world. Each begins when we open our eyes in the morning and ends when we close them at night. The interval between begs us to fill it with meaningful action, so much so we are often overcome by the thought of making full use of it.

I’ve been challenged to act like I have a week left on this planet, to fill what little time I have with the ecstasy of a bold heart. To answer this call, I’m asking myself two questions as often as possible:

Who can you love?

What can you give?

Today is the opportunity of a lifetime.


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