Lock Steps with Another

I spend a lot of time alone.

It would be unfair to say I’m anti-social, I absolutely enjoy the company of others and quality conversation. I love learning about people and understanding what makes them tick. In fact, I’ve realized how much more I like listening than telling my own stories (which I still have quite a bit of fun doing).

At some point, I retreat into my own head.

As comfortable as I am in a crowd, there are moments when all I want to do is ride my train of thought to whatever destination it arrives at. No offense is intended, this is simply how I figure things out, what I do when I’m confused or hurt or plotting a course of action. I am unable to live the “unexamined life” Socrates maligned, understanding myself is a main priority.

It’s easy for me to block everything else out.

I get focused on a single track and forget where I am or what I’m doing. I become preoccupied with finding the finish line and inadvertently turn the journey into a blur.

This tendency came into the spotlight as I walked Sequoia Trail in Big Basin Redwoods State Park a few days ago. As I hiked by myself, the first time I’d been without a partner in a while, I understood the value of having somebody else along: I walk a little slower and enjoy the trip more.

There’s a part of me that keeps pushing forward fast to get stuff over with.

I zero in on finding my way back to the visitor center, jumping in my car and heading home to get clean. Much of my life, I’ve driven on towards targets without absorbing the scenery. Having a second pair of feet on the trail with me literally demands a change of pace. Thus, I am reminded to take in what I’m moving through, a crucial aspect of living a full life.

I’m doing better, but the old habit still requires some breaking.

Thankfully, every once in a while I lock steps with another.


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