Never Good Enough

We chase unnecessary standards.

Much in our world emphasizes qualifications and certifications. We spend over a decade in classrooms gathering up a series of letters or numbers in the hopes we can get into a good college. Another four (or more) years pass in study so we might string another diploma behind and walk into the “real world.”

The education system is such that combinations of initials matter more than they should. Ever met an MD with poor bedside manner while an RN displays tender compassion?

Swimming in alphabet soup, we forget what matters about ourselves and others.

Problems arise when we carry around the weight of misplaced expectations. We operate guided by principles created by someone else, a person or group on a path different than our own.

This is life chasing the popular crowd. Giving our lives over to this uncaring authority leads us everywhere except real happiness.

As a result, we are shackled in a prison far from the truth:

Each of us has unassailable worth.

We must only be willing to pursue the treasure within down dark paths and through frightening turns.

The road is, at times, as lonely as it is tiring.

It is also as powerful as it is unique.

All we’ve got to do is let go of what we think we’ve got to be.

We’d never be good enough anyway.


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