Still Your Heart

The winding path from the cradle to the grave is fraught with challenges.

In one encounter after another, we make choices and evaluate our experiences. As we seek out the meaning behind all of our sufferings and triumphs, we come across a stark truth:

Nobody will ever fully understand us, no matter how hard they try.

Regardless of the force the exerted to pry every door open, it is impossible for someone else to completely step into the space between our ears. Even the most adept of thieves, robbing us of everything that might be taken, will find a steel vault in a dark corner that cannot be opened.

It’s unlikely, then, anyone could ever tell us what to do when we come to a crossroads. They have an idea and may be worth consulting, but ultimately we make our own decisions. (Possibly skewed by the weight we give one opinion or evidence we fail to consider, obviously.)

Stick with what you know.

Hear the forceful whisper echoing from deep within, absorb the unshakable power — and act.

Fall (or leap) when your intuition pushes you.

Go where it leads, regardless of what others may say.

Walk your own way.

It’s still your heart.


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