The Law of Compensation

Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.


What anyone gets in life is “not just a question of their value. It’s a question of impact.”

The people who receive the most financially and spiritually find a way to touch as many lives as possible, simple as that. It could be argued worthiness is often made secondary in the early stages – for an individual or idea – if the publicity is broad enough. Of course, without a solid foundation, the enterprise folds like a house of cards. We have seen it time and again with movie stars, athletes and large corporations.

Most of us are uncomfortable with the attention created in becoming “known.” We wonder if the crown is too heavy for our heads. And, truth be told, most of us would tell a story like Nicole Martin, the CEO of Learning Systems for Children in The Go-Giver:

I was brought up with the belief that there are two types of people in the world. There are people who get rich, and there are people who do good. My belief system said you’re one or the other, you can’t be both.

In a sense, we’re afraid of what might happen – particularly who we might become – if our reach extended as far as our imagination. Ultimately, when it comes to giving, only one question is important:

How much good do you want to accomplish?

Picture for a moment you had a million dollars begging for a purpose. Would you donate it all to one charity or divide it amongst several worthy causes?

Personally, I’d come up with a list of organizations I’d like to support and rank them in tiers. The highest-level groups, like the chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition my aunt founded before she died, would get large chunks. As I moved along, I’d dole out smaller portions to others I’m less connected to.

Every little bit we give is important.

If we believe in our ability to contribute and put the force of our energy behind it, we’ve realized how crucial we are to this huge story – as everyone is, equally.

We  then shine our light as bright as possible.

Why not share it with all the people we can?

This is the second in a five-part series discussing the core principles of The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. If you’d like a preview of this wonderful book, download the first chapter here.


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