Comparison Dropper


How do you stack up?

Life today seems to become a constant stream of opportunities to drag your self-image up alongside someone else. It’s challenging enough to stand amongst other people and hold on to your value, then the internet, TV and movies heap more junk into the river of your consciousness and your fragile psyche struggles to keep from being swept away.

Your eyes, filled with pictures of questionable quality, trick your brain into pushing to exceed someone else’s “lofty standard.”

To compete is, without fail, to lose focus on yourself.

When you make another individual your measuring stick, you shift your concentration from your own talents and abilities to those of another. It is, in effect, to let go of yourself for the sake of somebody else — or your idea of them.

What someone else has becomes more important than what you have.

What another does is better than what you can do.

And, regardless of how you balance the equation, you’re always left wanting.

You end up worshipping at the altar of “If I could only be…” and your soul withers.

Forgetting everyone possesses certain gifts, you eliminate who you are by striving to be something you’re not — or can’t be.

You lose track of your own worth.

You deny your purpose.

You give up the richness of fulfilling it.

“I can never be like…” is the truth.

Stop trying.

Be you.

Express that.

Drop the comparison.


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