Trait Success


Success has many components.

The afterglow of achievement has a tendency to captivate our attention. When the pay off arrives from long effort, it’s natural to relax and bask in the sunshine of victory.

Sometimes it leads to amnesia.

To put it plainly, I have a hard time remembering what I did leading up to an ideal outcome. It seems the hand I use to pat myself on the back is the same one I write with. Thus, the knowledge I’ve gained is often lost for the sake of self-congratulation.

Flipping through my memories, I’ve found three traits consistent do my best performances:

1. In practice
It’s often said success leaves clues, a trail carved by previous experience to guide future action. My results are inevitably linked to taking time to evaluate what could be used again — perhaps with a tweak or two — so I could avoid going about willy-nilly when the next opportunity arises.

2. Intuitive confidence
There are moments — and not nearly enough of them — when a decision is right even though I can’t explain why. Despite the fact I have lingering doubts, my mind is able to feed on the certainty instead of insecurity. The response is reflexive, as though my brain vomits up the answer while still being asked the question.

3. In joy
It seems as though elation is inextricably linked to accomplishment, which will come as a surprise to no one. Slipping into the gray area between work and play bends time and lightens loads. I find the challenge seems less than monstrous and the exertion far from taxing as the hours fly by.

Triumph can multiply fast if allowed to.

By considering what creates the good with the level of scrutiny I use to dissect the bad, I better position myself up for a streak of positive conclusions.

In this way, the value of attaining a goal lasts a long time.


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