Loose Change

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Growth sneaks up on us.

We push and push to shift from one situation to a better one, slogging through painful self-examination and agonizing recovery with such determination we forget progress occurs day to day. With increments so small and focus so great, we become unable to grasp gains made every 24 hours.

Solid development is, by nature, slow and steady.

Strong structure is built through efficient — yet almost unnoticeable — moves.

Think about it this way: Which organisms have the longest and shortest lifespans?

Many species of trees live for thousands of years.

Bacteria die in 15 minutes.

Humans have the unique ability to identify differences — if we pay close attention.

Yesterday, I noticed a contrast within myself.

My attitude has been a roller coaster lately, zipping unpredictably from raging disgust to contented acceptance. Moving from one hour to the next as I passed through the workday, I realized I was maintaining a rather buoyant state of mind in spite of my surroundings. I laughed off others’ poor attitudes while giving out free smiles.

It’s something to celebrate.

Little wins are the building blocks of grand victories and, when expending tremendous effort to remake a personality in a new mold, every boost is crucial.

Take a moment to consider — and enjoy — the distance covered.

Otherwise all we’ve got is loose change.



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