Canned Tradition



Tradition is a funny thing.

As we pass from season to season, markers arise to signal the end of one time period and onset of another. This happens with everything: sports, fashion, life, etc. Following these mileposts allows us to ensure we are on track, moving from one landmark to the next with appropriate speed.

Tradition can be a foundation.

It allows us to honor the past and shines fond spotlight on the differences between yesterday and today. By reminding us of battles won and lost, it becomes something akin to a rallying cry — an invitation to remember tough days have been survived before and can be again.

Tradition can be a hindrance.

If adhered to in a thoughtless manner, we lose sight of the meaning and importance. The act is merely a motion, an empty gesture for someone else’s benefit instead of our own. Marked by “We always have” instead of “We really wish to,” it bogs us down as opposed to lifting us up.

When the opportunity arises to change, we must first evaluate our customary actions. In order to move in a new direction, it is natural for us to shed old practices and procedures. To avoid doing so is to beg the same outcomes to appear over and over again.

Ask questions.

Is it necessary?

Is it optional?

Is it harmful?

Is it helpful?

Then decide.


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