When We Think, It Can’t Get Any Worse

Challenges can overwhelm us, if we let them.

There are moments when all of us doubt our ability to take another step.

Some of us act fast and others are parlyzed by fear or frustration.

Groping along in the dark for a solution, I often do the latter. I become annoyed by my inability to find a way out, get angry at myself and begin second-guessing decision after decision.

Before long, headspace is a tangled mess of contradictions and insults.

Boarding a runaway train racing through every station of a nightmare scenario, the conductor is no longer at the controls.

The locomotive is gaining speed on a downhill slope.

The end result can only be a gruesome wreck of depression and anguish.

Slam on the brakes.

Take a breath — it’s still possible.

Life goes on.

It requires small steps, not giant leaps.

When we think, it can’t get any worse.


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