Morning Workout, 1-27-11

Hard Core

Two rounds of 20 “Spider-Man” pushups and 20 prisoner squats
Four rounds of 30 crunches with legs elevated

One minute after rounds of pushups/squats, 30 seconds after rounds of crunches

Spider-Man Pushups
Begin in standard pushup position, then bend one knee and bring it beside the body. Attempt to line it up with the elbow. Keep the abs tight, then bring the chest close to the floor and return to starting position. Repeat. More (This variation has the bent leg return to the floor.)
Prisoner Squat
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and place hands on top of head. Keep the core tight and squat down, making sure to keep the elbows back. Return to standing position. Repeat. More
Crunches with Elevated Legs
Lie flat on the floor. Bring feet up until legs are parallel with the floor. Curl up from the floor approximately six inches. Reach with one arm toward the toes, if preferred. Return to starting position. Repeat. More

7-10 minutes


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